Browns Cornerback Ruled Out After Collision At Practice

The Cleveland Browns upcoming game with the Buffalo Bills may be in danger due to the issues with travel in Buffalo given the snow storm currently occurring, but if they do play, this is two teams desperate for a win to keep pace in their respective division races.

Both teams are certainly dealing with injuries, with the Bills one of the teams hardest hit by injury in 2022, but the Browns haven't gotten off without plenty of injuries either, and now, it's getting worse for them, as starting cornerback Greg Newsome has officially been ruled out following a collision at practice earlier today. 

Following the collision, Newsome was being evaluated for a concussion, and given how the NFL has been handling these as of late, it makes sense that just two days away from the game, he would be ruled out, and with Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and this Bills offence to slow down, this is the last thing the Browns defence needed. 

Photo Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports