Colts' Young Quarterback Disastrous in Loss to Patriots

The Indianapolis Colts made one of the most shocking and risky decisions of the 2022 regular season when they benched veteran quarterback Matt Ryan after a 3-3-1 start in favor of second-year passer Sam Ehlinger. The team has not seen the results they'd hoped. Unless they're intending to tank their season.

Ehlinger was absolutely hopeless in Sunday's 26-3 defeat to the New England Patriots, netting 43 passing yards on his 38 dropbacks for a nausea-inducing 1.12 net yards per passing attempt. He also threw a fourth-quarter pick-six.

Over his first two starts, Ehlinger has been sacked 11 times while netting 232 passing yards in two losses. Ryan had been sacked 24 times and posted 1824 net passing yards across his seven starts, but his league-leading nine interceptions earned him the ire of the Colts organization.

If the Colts truly intend to compete this season, Ehlinger's play through two weeks is basically disqualifying. Ryan's errors may have been maddening, but he was at least productive enough to keep the Colts at .500 through seven games. Maybe the Colts see a long-term solution in Ehlinger and they're willing to take their lumps this season so he can get his reps. Or maybe they've already given up on the season.