NFL Officially Move Week 11 Matchup

Over the past week, it's become more and more clear that Buffalo was in for a massive amount of snow over the weekend, and with a crucial Bills-Browns matchup on Sunday incoming, the talk around the NFL began, with rumours that the game would be moved due to the incoming weather conditions.

Today, the league made that official, as the game has now been moved to Detroit, a decision that may annoy some fans who enjoy snow games, but ultimately, given how difficult this would have made travel for the teams, fans and employees of the stadium, it was the best move to make.

Now, Buffalo will play in Detroit in back-to-back weeks, as they head back there on Thanksgiving to take on the Detroit Lions, and now, we will be able to see a properly played game in Week 11, instead of two teams attempting to play in 3 to 6 feet of snow.