NFL Rumors: Rams Head Coach Could Potentially Retire When "Core Group" Of Players Leave

The Los Angeles Rams won their first Super Bowl since returning to LA in 2021, and with a core made up of superstar talent, many expected them to be in contention again this year, with a Super Bowl window that lasts a few years. With names like Jalen Ramsey, Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald, there's few teams in the NFL more talented, and Sean McVay has been the perfect Head Coach for this group as they look to build on another Super Bowl campaign. 

Now, Albert Breer has reported that when this core group of players either leave or retire, it could mean the end of McVay in Los Angeles, and even though he is just 36 years of age, he has an end-goal in mind when it comes to coaching. Sure, he may change his mind, but right now, he's ben very successful at such a young age, and if the team can bring in another Super Bowl during the run of this core, he'd go down as one of the best head coaches the game has seen.

There's a lot of nuance to this statement, and a lot of questions to be answered, for instance, will he remain until every member of the core is done, or until the majority have gone? Either way, it's an interesting scenario to watch unfold, as McVay clearly doesn't want to be a Head Coach into his 70's like others we've seen, which is a respectable position to hold.

Photo Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports