Seahawks Announce Return Of Throwback Uniform For 2023

Throwback uniforms and alternates have been all the rage in the NFL in recent times, with no less than 10 teams debuting some type of unique uniform in 2022, and the Seattle Seahawks now become the first team in the NFL to confirm they'll be doing exactly that come 2023.

Today, the team announced that next season, they'll be rocking the 90's throwbacks of the uniforms above, and while they may certainly divide opinion, it's good to see teams trying new things or bringing back fun uniforms of the past, as it introduces new fans to all new eras of football, as well as mixing up the look for teams on the field in the present. 

The Seahawks have a very fun team in 2022, as well as what amounts to the No. 4 overall pick in the draft right now due to the Russell Wilson trade, so while we are not only getting an objectively fantastic throwback uniform, but on a potentially fantastic team too, so this is set up to be a very fun franchise come 2023. 

Photo Credit:  Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports