Two NFL Players On The Verge Of Making History In 2022

The NFL Trade Deadline in 2022 was an absolute wild one, and after a record amount of deals were made, the second half of the season is ready to kick off, and if it's anything like the start of the year, we are in for a fun one. Following two deals, one sending Robert Quinn to the Eagles and another sending Dean Marlowe to the Buffalo Bills, both players have a chance to make history in 2022.

That history would be becoming the first players to play 18 regular season games in history, as both of the players were on a team that hadn't had a bye, and will go to a team that has had their bye, and given that they've both played in all 8 games so far, with 10 remaining, if they can both stay healthy, they'll stamp their mark on history in the NFL. 

Given that the league only recently moved to 17 games per season, it's not going to be a mark that any other players have come near, but would still be a cool milestone for these two players, and with the playoffs ahead for both teams, there's a chance that they could play the single most games in a single season including the postseason in NFL history.

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports