Two Teams Can Clinch Playoff Spots In Week 13

With Week 13 on the horizon, the playoff scenarios are starting to take shape, but with one of the closest playoff races in recent history in both the AFC and NFC, the next six weeks are going to be absolutely thrilling, with even just one result having the potential to effect the entire conference in a massive way. 

Now, we have our first potential playoff clinches this weekend, with both the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles having a chance to seal their spot in the playoffs, and with big leads in their divisions, there's a good chance that if they continue their play, a division crown won't be far behind. 

They'll have plenty of opportunities in the coming weeks, but for Minnesota, they'll clinch the NFC North with a win against the Jets and a Lions loss, and for the Eagles, they'll clinch simply a playoff spot with a win, a Washington, Seattle and San Francisco loss, so it's safe to say that a fantastic NFL season is beginning to heat up in a big way.

Photo Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports