Baltimore Ravens QB Unlikely To Play In Week 14

The Baltimore Ravens came away with an incredibly close 10-9 victory over the Denver Broncos in Week 13, keeping them in first place in the AFC North above the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals, but ahead of two straight key divisional matchups, this team may have to fight for the AFC North division crown the hard way. 

While the knee injury that forced Quarterback Lamar Jackson to leave the game isn't considered season ending, there's a very good chance that he misses some time, and according to Head Coach John Harbaugh, that leaves him very unlikely to play in Week 14 against the teams biggest rival the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Likely without Jackson, the Ravens will turn to Tyler Huntley as the starter, but have also signed Brett Hundley following the injury, so there's a chance that either could be the teams starter in Week 14, but right now, Ravens fans can breathe a sigh of relief as it looks like Jackson will be back in the regular season ahead of the AFC North division push. 

Photo Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports