Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Returns to Practice

The Chicago Bears have officially been out of the playoff race for several weeks now, but with all of their young talent, this season has certainly been a big step in the right direction, and if they can continue building around their young players and adding veteran talent around them, this could be a playoff team in a matter of years.

One player they believe can be a big part of that future is Chase Claypool, who came over in a deal from the Pittsburgh Steelers at the trade deadline, but he has struggled mightily thus far since transitioning to Justin Fields, but still has the talent to be a valuable piece going forward.

There's still two games remaining to work on that chemistry however, so having him available will be key for Chicago, and on Thursday, he returned to practice after dealing with a knee injury, and could likely be available to play in the Week 17 matchup against the NFC North division rival Detroit Lions.

Photo Credit:  Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports