New York Jets Rookie Makes Interesting Claim About NFL Referees

The New York Jets have experienced a revival in 2022, and while many factors have contributed to the success, it's their rookie class that has stood out most, with Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner both considered strong contenders for Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

While it seems plenty has been going their way thus far in 2022, Wilson today spoke up on Twitter about the inconsistencies of NFL refereeing, making a claim that a referee earlier in the year told him "This ain't O State no more", and whether or not that's to be believed, that's something that shouldn't come from supposedly impartial officials.

It hasn't slowed him down too much, as Wilson has 63 catches for 868 yards and 4 Touchdowns, so it hasn't slowed him down much, but on several occasions this year, it has seemed as though missed calls have certainly gone against him, so this isn't the craziest claim, but one that has no place in an impartial NFL.