New York Jets Running Back Returns To Practice

The New York Jets have had a fantastic season thus far in 2022, and they've managed to do so despite plenty of injuries and sub-par Quarterback play for the most part, but perhaps the most devastating injury of all was to rookie standout Breece Hall, who was emerging as a genuine superstar in the NFL.

Fortunately for the Jets, they had the moves to cover that loss, as Michael Carter is a capable starter, along with Zonovan Knight and the acquisition of James Robinson, and without Carter in Week 13, the Jets proved they can still get it done no matter who is in the back field.

The past two games, Knight has proven to be an electric player, and now, Carter has returned to practice, so even without Breece Hall, this Jets team has a chance to continue with a solid backfield pairing, and if the defence continues to play they do, this could be a tough team to beat down the stretch in 2022.

Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports