NFL Hand New Orleans Saints Massive Fines

The NFL has been handing out fines at a rapid rate this season, with plenty of fans criticizing the lack of fun for all players and harsh fines on defensive players, but this week, they took it to another level after handing out warnings to the league about faking injuries.

The culprits for this one would be the New Orleans Saints, and more specifically, Cam Jordan, who was accused of faking an injury during their Monday Night Football loss, with Jordan taking a $50,000 fine, while Head Coach Dennis Allen copped a $100,000 fine and the team taking a full on $350,000 fine.

Since this point, the Saints have disputed the fine, and it's a story that will continue as the weeks roll on, but it's clear this is something the NFL wants to address, and may have taken it a bit hard on the Saints, with the crackdown likely to continue going forward.

Photo Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports