2 Streaks on the Line for Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Brady in Week 18

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady has plenty of amazing records and streaks across his singular career, but a couple of them could fall depending on the results of Week 18. If the Buccaneers lose against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, he will drop to 11-1 against the Falcons over his career and finish the year 8-9, which would be the first losing season of his career.

The Buccaneers have clinched the NFC South and are locked into the NFC's fourth seed, so there remains serious uncertainty surrounding how much Brady and the starters will see the field on Sunday. Hence, the Falcons currently sit as 4.0-point favorites to end Brady's undefeated streak against the franchise.

Brady has opened his career with an astonishing 20 straight winning seasons, the most ever for a quarterback and 12 more than runner-up and Dallas Cowboys great Roger Staubach. It would be somewhat fitting for his incredible streak to come to an end on what amounts to a technicality. If the Bucs had anything to play for, they'd likely be significant favorites over the 6-10 Falcons.

It's hard to be sure if the Bucs would benefit more from rest or reps. For what it's worth, the Bucs have implied they'll play their starters on Sunday. Maybe they can have it both ways; maybe they can put together an insurmountable lead in the first two quarters and sit their starters in the second half. Given how this season has gone, that seems unlikely. 

Photo Credit: © Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports