Baltimore Ravens QB Remains Absent From Practice

For weeks now, the Baltimore Ravens have been awaiting the return of their superstar Quarterback Lamar Jackson after he suffered a sprained PCL several weeks ago, and as of Thursday, 32 days since he was injured, he still hasn't returned to practice.

With Tyler Huntley also limited at practice, it's safe to say that this team is in the worst possible shape as they gear up for a playoff race, but at this point in time, there's no doubting that something is going on behind the scenes in Baltimore with No. 8.

He's been a genuine star for this team since he was drafted back in 2018, and now, looking for a new contract, it appears he may not return in 2022/23, and unless he makes a shock return and plays come playoff time, this is a team that has no shot at making the Super Bowl. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports