Chicago Bears GM Doesn't Rule Out Quarterback With 1st Overall Pick

The Chicago Bears earned the 2023 NFL Draft's first overall pick with a disastrous 3-14 season, and they're apparently willing to consider all options to improve the team. At a Tuesday press conference, general manager Ryan Poles reiterated his excitement for current quarterback Justin Fields but admitted he'd be open to taking a passer with the top pick if he was "blown away."

The Bears drafted Fields 11th overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, and he has emerged as one of the league's most exciting quarterbacks due to his rare mobility: he rushed for 1143 yards at a league-best 7.1 yards per carry over 15 games this past season. Unfortunately, excitement doesn't necessarily equate to effectiveness; the Bears finished with the league's worst record because they ranked last in the league in passing yards, net passing yards per attempt, interception rate, and sack rate.

Parcelling out blame for those abysmal passing numbers will be the Bears' number one priority this offseason. It's entirely possible Fields could improve exponentially if surrounded by superior talent, but there's also a chance his play may limit the offense in the way an elite passing prospect wouldn't. Still, a prospect of that calibre doesn't necessarily come along every year. Unless the Bears deem someone in this year's draft a generational talent, they're probably better off granting Fields another shot next season.

Photo Credit: © Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports