Denver Broncos Will Interview Super Bowl Winning Head Coach

The Denver Broncos struggles in 2022 have been one of the biggest talking points of the NFL season to this point, and it's resulted in the firing of Nathaniel Hackett before he could even see out his first year, but with so much talent, this team has a chance of turning it around quickly if thy can get the right Head Coach in place.

Today, they took the first step in dealing with the situation, as they officially got permission from the New Orleans Saints to talk to Sean Payton, who has long been rumoured as their top target to get the best out of Russell Wilson and this talented offence.

The interview won't be allowed to take place until at least January 17, and after that point, if they want to move forward, the Broncos and Saints will need to come to a deal that allows Payton out of his contract, but for now, the two sides will begin talks that could bring one of the best coaches of this era to the Mile High City.

Photo Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports