Former Head Coach Officially Declines Return To NFL

Ever since the 2022 NFL regular season concluded, the rumours and interviews surrounding Head Coaching vacancies has been non stop, but now, we can finally get some clarity, as Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has officially announced he will return to college, despite several interviews from NFL teams.

In recent times, it's become clear that there was plenty of interest from NFL teams for Harbaugh, with the likes of Denver and Carolina pursuing him heavily, but like he expressed in his statement, it appears his love for Michigan trumps a potential opportunity at Super Bowl glory once more.

With five Head Coaching vacancies to be filled (potentially one more after LA's breakdown on Saturday), there's still plenty of options out there, but given his success at Michigan this season, it's easy to see why Harbaugh wants to stick to coaching at the college level.

Photo Credit: Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK