Jacksonville Jaguars Confident Receiver Will Be Reinstated This Off-Season

The Jacksonville Jaguars shocked the entire NFL world when they made a push to the divisional round this year, and they did so on the back of a breakout season from their young Quarterback and this offence, and this off-season, many expect it to get even better.

While they'll have money to spend to continue building around Trevor Lawrence, they'll also potentially be getting the services of Calvin Ridley back, pending the reinstatement from his year long suspension, and while there's question marks surrounding it, the Jaguars firmly believe he will be on the field Week 1 in 2023.

Despite his suspension, the Jaguars moved two draft picks to acquire him, knowing how valuable he'd be to the team moving forward, with 3,342 yards and 28 Touchdowns over the first 49 games of his career, and if the team can bring him in with the weapons they already have, this organization has a very bright future.

Photo Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports