Los Angeles Chargers Star Handed Massive Fine For Criticizing Officials

Sometimes, the NFL comes off as hypocritical in a way, and while it's always the easiest option to side with the players, sometimes they seem to be completely right, and that could certainly be the case with Los Angeles Chargers superstar Joey Bosa following their Wild Card weekend loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The officials made a call on Bosa that at the time, seemed like a massively incorrect one, and after the game, he put them on blast, saying that if he criticizes them in the slightest, he gets a massive fine, while it's okay for them to make mistakes, as they are probably laughing about it in the locker room.

While we can't get confirmation on the latter, Bosa was certainly right on the former, as the NFL handed down a $54,546 fine to the star defensive end, and while it's unlikely to change anytime soon, it does feel like a massive double standard that needs to be looked at.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports