Miami Dolphins Coach Turns Down Several Interviews

It's been just over a week since the 2022 NFL regular season concluded, but with five Head Coaching vacancies and several other Coordinator jobs up for grabs, it's been frantic with the amount of interviews that have taken place or been requested for so far. 

While most coaches around the league are happy to take interviews to improve their standing, one that has turned down interviews in recent times is Darrell Bevell, who serves as the Dolphins passing game Coordinator and QB coach, as he officially informed both the Jets and Commanders that he won't be interviewing for their Offensive Coordinator jobs.

Bevell has had plenty of jobs in the NFL since first joining as a coach way back in 2000, and while he's turned down these interviews for now, there's no doubting that someone of his talent and experience will look to move up through the ranks once again in the coming years.