New York Jets Head Coach Reaffirms Commitment to Quarterback Wilson

The New York Jets aren't quite ready to give up on their second-year passer. Head coach Robert Saleh told reporters Wednesday that the team will do everything possible to help quarterback Zach Wilson achieve his potential this offseason.

"Zach has all the talent in the world, and we have all the confidence in the world in him," Saleh said. "It's just, like I said, a reset. We're going to grind with him. We are. Through hell or high water, we're going to figure how to get him to where we know he can be."

Saleh can say whatever he likes about Wilson, but nothing about how they've deployed him in recent weeks can be read as an endorsement. Mike White is expected to start yet again in Week 18 against the Miami Dolphins, and the team has already declared Wilson will be a healthy scratch.

Wilson was the Jets' second-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Through 22 career games, he has shown himself to be inefficient, skittish, and mistake-prone: he has averaged a minuscule 5.02 net yards per passing attempt, absorbed 67 sacks, and thrown 18 interceptions. Nothing he has demonstrated on the field should assure him of a starting role in 2023, and the Jets will likely acquire the services of a veteran passer to at least compete in training camp.

Photo Credit: © Kevin R. / USA TODAY NETWORK