NFL Announces Increase In Salary Cap

The NFL business has been booming at an incredible rate over the past decade, and it's resulted in the salary cap becoming one of, if not the most lucrative in American sports, and as so, it's allowed them to announce an increase in the 2023 salary cap.

In 2023, the salary cap will now increase to $224.8 million, an incredible increase of 16% from 2022, and with more and more superstars entering the league each year, it's certainly going to be a massive help for some teams looking to build into Super Bowl contenders.

With the off-season to begin after the Super Bowl, with free agency and trades ready to come, this allows plenty more flexibility, and it proves once again that the NFL has become Americas top sport, over the likes of the MLB and the NBA. 

Photo Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports