NFL Rescinds Fine Of Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver

In 2022, it may have felt like the NFL was handing out more fines and penalties than we've ever seen before, and in some cases, that is certainly true, but now the regular season has come to an end, we are seeing the results of some appeals for those fines. 

One significant change of decision for the NFL was their choice to overturn the fine given to wide receiver Allen Lazard, when he blocked several defenders against the Miami Dolphins, and simply counted them after, with a ridiculous $10, 609 fine given for the action.

It's safe to say that the NFL, often dubbed the 'No Fun League' by some, should certainly relax on some of their rulings, and with this move, it's a sign that perhaps they could be on their way to becoming a little more lenient on them, but we will see as time goes on.

Photo Credit: Wm. Glasheen-USA TODAY Sports