NFL Rumors: Indianapolis Turn Down Hosting AFC Championship Game

Following the unfortunate incident that occurred last Monday with Damar Hamlin, the NFL found themselves in quite the situation regarding the seeding in the AFC playoffs, as Buffalo and Cincinnati's records both effect other teams, and the NFL ended up deciding that if these teams came together, the AFC Championship game would be hosted at a neutral site.

Looking around the league, there's a few options for the site, and one of the best in the AFC would be Indianapolis, the home of the Colts, but when the team went to the organization to potentially host the game, it appears that they were turned down.

The likely reason for this is another event occurring in the city that would take up most of the hotels, thus not allowing for a full contingent of players, personnel and fans to come and enjoy the game, but with plenty of other options, it's likely that they'll find somewhere to play the game if it comes to that.

Photo Credit: Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK