Update on Buffalo Bills Safety Hamlin

The Buffalo Bills shared an update on safety Damar Hamlin early Tuesday morning. Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest during the Bills' Monday Night Football matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals and was transferred to the UC Medical Center. He remains in critical condition.

Hamlin appeared staggered and woozy following a hit in the first quarter of last night's game. He collapsed on the field and was tended to by medical personnel for an extended period, who restored his heartbeat on the field. The NFL indefinitely suspended the game and has yet to reveal plans to finish the crucial AFC matchup.

Fans everywhere have been waiting on edge and holding out hope for good news on Hamlin, but this isn't it. Hamlin remains in serious danger. Monday's scene was one of the most disquieting in NFL history, and its ramifications have yet to be fully understood.

In a little bit of positive news, Hamlin's tragedy has inspired incredible generosity from all corners. Fans have flooded Hamlin's charity toy drive with donations totalling in excess of $3 million. The initial goal of the toy drive was a mere $2500.

Photo Credit: © Cara Owsley/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK