Washington Commanders Telling Future OC Who Starting QB Is In 2023

The Washington Commanders performed impressively at points through 2022, but due to a lack of consistency at the Quarterback position, they fell off in a big way at the end of the year, handing rookie Sam Howell his first start in Week 18.

While he didn't exactly tear the house down, he showed flashes of what could be a great starting Quarterback in the NFL, and now, as they are in search of a new Offensive Coordinator for 2023, they have reportedly been telling potential candidates that Howell will be the teams starter next season.

While they haven't committed to Howell, he is ideally their starter going forward, and that will allow them to use their picks and cap space on getting a solid team around him, and if they can get good play out of the position, they could certainly be a playoff team in 2023.

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports