Celebrating the GOAT: 3 Underrated Tom Brady Records

Tom Brady's greatness is almost numbing. We all know the highlights: Seven Super Bowls. Five Super Bowl MVPS. The league's all-time leading passer. We've heard those a million times. With the GOAT officially calling it a career, it's time to dive deeper to unearth some nuggets that illustrate just how special he really was. 

5x seasons scoring 500+ points

No quarterback led as many legendary offenses as the GOAT. Brady was the leading passer on a record five teams that finished the regular season scoring 500 or more points. FIVE. Four times with the New England Patriots (2007, 2010, 2011, 2012) and once with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2021). Drew Brees and Kurt Warner accomplished the feat the next most times with three a piece. Rivals Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning? They did it twice each. Supposed future GOAT Patrick Mahomes? Only once so far. Simply put, no one put points on the board quite like Brady.

35 postseason wins

Seven Super Bowls and 10 Super Bowl appearances. We've all heard it, but we've rarely done the math on just how preposterous a mark that truly is. Brady won a record 35 postseason games, more than double any quarterback in NFL history. Joe Montana, the popular pick for GOAT prior to Brady, previously held the record with 16. Among Brady's contemporaries, Peyton Manning managed the next most with 14. Among active players? Aaron Rodgers leads with 11. Given he's 39 years old, Brady's record is likely safe for a long time.

21 Straight Wins

Brady's career has gone on so long that some of his early greatness can get lost in the shuffle. From 2003 to 2004, Brady's Patriots notched a record 21 straight wins in the regular season and the postseason, including a win in Super Bowl XXXVIII. That crushed the previous record of 18 set all the way back in 1934 by the Chicago Bears. Those wins didn't come easy, either: Brady executed eight fourth-quarter game-winning drives to keep the streak alive. 

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