Chicago Bears QB Wants Dome On Their Next Stadium

The Chicago Bears have played at Soldier Field as their home stadium since 2003, and now, it appears that they are on the cusp of building a brand new stadium that would bring this team into the modern age, and it's safe to say that some players have some opinions on what changes need to be made.

One player in particular who had an opinion is the young QB and face of the franchise Justin Fields, who mentioned that he would love it if the new stadium had a dome on it, similar to Minnesota, as the cold certainly effects players, and some would prefer to not play in such conditions.

This isn't to say that Fields can't handle the cold, and that teams can't have success in the colder weather, but given the events that transpired in Buffalo this past season, it certainly makes complete sense to go with the dome. 

Photo Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports