Green Bay Packers Running Back Could Restructure Contract This Off-Season

The Green Bay Packers struggled in a big way in 2022, but when they did get rolling, it was on the back of the run game of A.J. Dillon and Aaron Jones, so if they are to experiences success in 2023, potentially with a new starting Quarterback, they'll need to find similar performances from the running back room. 

Thankfully for the Packers, Jones is very willing to come back, and has acknowledged in recent times that he's aware he may need to restructure his deal to make that happen, as his cap hit in 2023 is scheduled to be $20 million, a massive contract for a back who isn't a top-5 star in the league at his position.

In the same interview, Jones declared that if the Packers were to go with Jordan Love at Quarterback, the rest of the offence has complete faith in him, so it's safe to say that this team may look very different when the 2023 NFL season comes around.

Photo Credit: USA Today NETWORK-Wisconsin