Indianapolis Colts Defensive Coordinator Could Remain Under New Regime

The Indianapolis Colts are right in the midst of what's been a long and thorough search for the next Head Coach of their franchise, and at this point, it's almost impossible to predict who will get that role, as the Colts have been quite tight lipped about the whole process. 

While most Head Coaches will look for their own staff, the Colts may be a little different, as there's a good chance that NFL veteran and former Head Coach Gus Bradley, who currently serves as the teams Defensive Coordinator, will remain on staff no matter the hire.

There's certainly no guarantee, but the Colts dealt with plenty of injuries this past year, so if they can stay healthy and keep some of their staff on board, 2023 could be a bounce back season, especially for such a talented defence group.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports