Kansas City Chiefs OC Hasn't Taken Any Coordinator Interviews This Off-Season So far

The Kansas City Chiefs are once again days away from another Super Bowl appearance, but for some teams and their fans around the league, they'll be keeping a sharper eye on their Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy, and whatever he decides to do following the game.

There's been reports that he's desired by several teams for their Offensive Coordinator roles, but yesterday, Bieniemy confirmed that he hasn't taken any Coordinator interviews yet this off-season, strictly the one Head Coach interview with the Colts, but all of that could change after the Super Bowl.

Bieniemy has been coveted in recent years, but for some reason, has yet to be pried away from Andy Reid and the successful Chiefs team, but after all that, could this off-season be the one that sees him leave KC? Only time will tell.

Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports