Las Vegas Raiders Running Back Now Says He'll Play On Franchise Tag If Needed

The Las Vegas Raiders have a massive opportunity ahead of them this off-season, as they are looking to retool ahead of the 2023 campaign, and with Aaron Rodgers the favourite to land in Vegas, this offence could look lethal next season.

If they want to be as good as possible, Josh Jacobs will need to be back, and after previously stating that he doesn't want to play for Las Vegas without a long-term deal, today, he told the media that he would play on the franchise tag, as long as the team put the weapons around him to succeed.

With Rodgers rumoured to end up in Vegas, they have a chance to add to the defence, add an all-time great Quarterback and keep Jacobs in town, and if they can stay healthy unlike 2022, this is a team that could genuinely compete in the AFC West in 2023.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports