Miami Dolphins Defensive Coordinator Won't Be Retiring Anytime Soon

The Miami Dolphins showed plenty of life in 2022, with an explosive offence and a defensive unit that's full of potential, but unfortunately, injuries just caught up with them, and they flaked out during the Wild Card round, but with a good off-season, they'll no doubt be a contender in 2023.

One of the main additions to this squad already this off-season was the hiring of veteran defensive coach Vic Fangio, and while many believed it may be a quick 2-3 year destination for Vic, he confirmed yesterday that he wants to continue coaching for at least another decade.

While that may not be possible all with Miami, it's clear that he still has the drive to be an effective coach in the NFL, and if the Dolphins can get healthy and make some smart additions to the defensive side of the ball, they'll be a team to watch in the AFC next year.

Photo Credit: HAL HABIB / The Palm Beach Post / USA TODAY NETWORK