New Orleans Saints Rework Centre's Contract

The New Orleans Saints may have had a disappointing 2022 campaign, and now they'll look to rebound in a big way in 2023, but the only problem on that front is that they traded away significant picks a year ago that would have converted into a top-10 pick.

They may have a pick in the 30's, but if they are to make a move, it will come through free agency or a trade, and yesterday, they made a big move, as they converted $10 million of Erik McCoy's money into a signing bonus, clearing up $8 million in cap space for the upcoming off-season.

It's no secret that the team is targeting Derek Carr to play QB in 2023, but to make that deal happen, they need plenty of cap space, so while this move along may not give them the space to make deals, it's certainly going to help.

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports