New York Jets GM Raves About Veteran Quarterback

The Quarterback market this off-season in the NFL is expected to be just as wild as last year, with plenty of teams searching for a veteran to help them take the next step, and no team is expected to be more aggressive than the New York Jets.

Of the names on their board, they've already had an interview with former Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr, and on Tuesday, GM Joe Douglas couldn't say more good things about that time, saying that the visit was 'fantastic' and that Carr 'left a strong impression on everybody'.

The team are reportedly still interested in Aaron Rodgers, but with a timeline on Carr's decision and a lack of communication from the Packers MVP, the positivity regarding Carr's visit may lead the team to bringing him in now, but only time will tell. 

Photo Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports