NFL Potentially Looking To Ban Hip Drop Tackle In 2023

The NFL's 2022 regular season was once again fantastic, with plenty of amazing games, surprising performances and disappointments, but on top of that, the injury toll was once again enormous, and it's left the league looking for answers and ways around this. 

Concussions continue to be a major issue, but reportedly, the NFL is looking to begin a conversation around the 'hip drop' tackle, which caused several major injuries in 2022, notably to the likes of Tony Pollard and Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs.

This report enraged current and former players all over Twitter, and understandably so, as the NFL is making it harder and harder to play defence by the year, and soon, it's going to be purely impossible to play at a high level in the NFL, so it will be quite interesting to see how they proceed in the face of the backlash.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports