NFL Rumors: Reason Why Sean Payton Didn't Go To Arizona Cardinals Revealed

The NFL world was shocked over the past week when the Denver Broncos announced the hiring of Sean Payton as their next Head Coach, and given the interest from the likes of Carolina and Arizona, it was a surprise to everyone to see him land with Russell Wilson and the Broncos.

Reportedly however, there's a big reason why he didn't choose to pursue the Cardinals role, and it was one very obvious one, as he didn't want to deal with Kyler Murray for at least the next four seasons, as despite all his talent, he has many limitations that will effect the entire organization.

Sure, Russell Wilson isn't the best option either, but he's a proven winner, and with an elite, proven defence, the Broncos are much easier to turn around, especially if the team can add some solid players this off-season. 

Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports