NFL Rumors: Super Bowl Result Won't Affect Philadelphia Eagles Centre's Retirement Plans

The Philadelphia Eagles are just under a week away from their second Super Bowl appearance in the past 5 years, and it's safe to say that despite all of the injuries and storylines coming into this one, the only thing that will be on their mind is the matchup with Kansas City.

This plays into the mindset of Jason Kelce, who was recently asked if he knows when he will retire, and if the outcome of this game plays into that thought, and he responded by saying that when his time comes to walk away, he will know, so whether they win or lose against his brother Travis, it has no bearing on that potential decision.

The 35-year old has played with the Eagles since 2011 when he was drafted in the 6th round, No. 191 overall, and over that time, he's amassed 5 All-Pro's and 6 Pro Bowl nominations, as well as being part of the Eagles first ever Super Bowl, so it's safe to say that when he does hang up the boots, he'll be seen as a franchise legend.