Philadelphia Eagles Create Cap Space By Paying Bonus To Star Center

While there were plenty of stories heading into the Super Bowl, the most popular was the battle of the Kelce's, with both Jason and Travis arguably the best in the sport at their position, but now after the big game, the focus no doubt switches to Jason's future in the NFL.

Whether or not he does intend on walking away, where he will be considered one of, if not the greatest center to ever play the game, the Eagles today paid him out a $3 million bonus, which will help them create $2.4 million in cap space going forward.

After such a stellar season, the Eagles have so much to consider going forward, as they have plenty of names like Kelce, C.J. Gardner Johnson and Hassan Reddick all potentially on the way out, and if they want to take the next step and win the big game, they'll need to bring them back or find suitable replacements.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports