Philadelphia Eagles Tackle Voices Frustration Over Playing Surface

There are plenty of talking points coming out of Super Bowl LVII, whether that be positive (the back and forth action, QB play) or negative (refereeing), but one that seems to be getting overlooked is the quality of the field, which was pointed out by the announcers all evening long. 

That didn't escape the ire of players following the game however, as Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Jordan Mailata telling media after the game 'it was like playing on a water park', and given how much time and money the NFL puts into the surface, this can't be a good thing.

Both teams were still able to get their offence's going and put up plenty of points, but it was clear all night long that players continually slipped, and if the NFL can't get that right for future Super Bowl's, it's going to become a major problem.

Photo Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic