Price Of Philadelphia Eagles QB's Potential Extension Revealed

The Philadelphia Eagles have been the NFL's best team since the 2022 season began, and later today they'll aim to capture their second Super Bowl title in franchise history, but no matter what, this off-season could be crucial to their future successes.

That all begins and ends at the Quarterback position, and this off-season, Hurts may be looking to get paid, and with a potential extension looming, it appears that his annual value may rise beyond $50 million, putting him among the highest paid at his position in the NFL.

There's no telling what he will get paid, and whether he could potentially take a team friendly deal to help his team to more success, but right now, there's no doubting that if he wants to be paid among the elite QB's in the NFL, he'll certainly get the chance. 

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports