Reason Why Las Vegas Raiders Won't Let QB Seek A Trade Revealed

One of the biggest storylines in the NFL currently is what's going to happen with some of the leagues top Quarterbacks, namely Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson and Derek Carr, and while the other two will take time to find out their future, time is ticking on Carr, and it's likely he could be moved within a week of the Super Bowl.

Carr knows he's on his way out, as the team benched him for the final two games of the season, but they won't allow him to seek his own trade, and today, it was revealed why, as the organization doesn't want him to know what other teams will pay him, as they feel it could help him rig the process over the coming weeks.

At this point, the most likely scenario is that the Raiders release him, freeing him up to sign anywhere, but it's the NFL, so absolutely anything can happen, and after the Super Bowl, things will have to move fast for both sides, so buckle up.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports