Viewership Numbers For Super Bowl LVII Revealed

While there was controversy surrounding the ending of Super Bowl LVII, there's no denying that the two best teams in the NFL put on an absolute show, with two young Quarterbacks showing that the future of the NFL is in very safe hands.

Today, the NFL has released the viewership numbers for the game, with 113 million people tuning in to watch the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs go head-to-head, making it the highest viewed Super Bowl in six years, as well as the third most watched TV show of all-time.

Given the presence of Rhianna at the half-time show (which drew 118 million viewers), as well as the matchup between two of the most passionate fanbases and talented Quarterback in the NFL, this was always going to do well, but the NFL hit an absolute home run this past week.

Photo Credit:  Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK