Baltimore Ravens Rumors: Lamar Jackson Linked to Surprising Team

Lamar Jackson is one of the most-talked-about free agents right now, as fans are anxiously awaiting for a team to send him a potential qualifying offer. Yet, a surprising new team is reportedly considering the prospect of doing this, as the Minnesota Vikings have Jackson on their radar.

With Kirk Cousins as their quarterback last season, the Vikings finished with a strong 13-4 record but also failed to make a real run during the postseason. As a result of the latter, the Vikings could very well look to improve at the quarterback position. When noting that Jackson is a legitimate star while performing at his best, he would certainly fit this description.

We will need to wait and see if the Vikings end up making a legitimate push for Jackson from here. On paper, there seems to be a great match here, but time will tell if it does in fact come to fruition from here.

photo credit: © Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports