Chicago Bears Safety Calls Daniel Jones "Trash" After $160M Contract

On Tuesday, it was announced that the New York Giants had signed quarterback Daniel Jones to a four-year, $160 million extension, including $35 million in additional incentives. This news came on the same day that the Baltimore Ravens announced they were placing the franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson.

While Jones had a solid season in 2022, helping the Giants make the playoffs, his resume pales in comparison to that of Jackson, who won the 2019 MVP and is considered one of the league's best players.

Chicago Bears rookie Jaquan Brisker chimed in on the news with a tweet that compared Jones to Jackson, calling the latter "trash" and using the hashtag #FACTS.

"MVP lol...other Bruh got paid today and is trash fam. #FACTS."

We often see players tweet out things similar to this, but promptly delete it. 

However, Brisker doubled down on his opinion, re-tweeting former Super Bowl safety Ryan Clark's tweet: "We live in a world where Daniel Jones' current salary is higher than Lamar Jackson's. 

Unfortunately, we won't be seeing Brisker face off against Daniel Jones anytime soon, as the Bears and Giants aren't scheduled to play each other in the regular season in 2023. 
Photo Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports