Florida QB Compares Himself To Two NFL Quarterbacks In Latest Combine Interview

It's this time of year that every college standout looking to make their name descends upon Indianapolis for the NFL Combine in order to catch the attention of NFL teams, and one player who's stock will likely rise the most during this time is Florida Quarterback Anthony Richardson.

While Richardson isn't expected to be a starter right away, he has the raw tools, physical gifts and talent to be a very high draft pick, and on Friday, he compared himself to two of the best dual threat Quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen.

When asked, Richardson said he's been calling himself Cam Jackson for years now, as he sees plenty of himself in both Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson, and if that's the blend an NFL team is going to get, we will certainly see him come off the board very early. 

Photo Credit: Doug Engle / USA TODAY NETWORK