Los Angeles Chargers Allow Running Back To Seek A Trade

The Los Angeles Chargers finally began fulfilling some of the potential they've shown in 2022, and now this off-season becomes crucial if they are finally to take the next step and become genuine Super Bowl contenders in the AFC.

The last thing this team wants is to lose one of their most important weapons, but today, the Chargers officially gave Pro Bowl running back Austin Ekeler permission to seek a trade, because the two sides failed to come to an agreement on a new contract.

It's hard to see what the market will be for a running back with so much of an injury history, but when healthy, Ekeler is a game breaker, and if he can find a home on a team like Buffalo, Kansas City or any contending team, we could be looking at a big difference maker. 

Photo Credit: Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK