New York Jets Head Coach Confirms Team Are Happy With Running Back Room

Last week, former Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott sent the NFL world into a frenzy when he gave a list of three teams as his target destinations, only for everyone to find out that this was his wish list, rather than teams he was in active negotiations with.

On Monday, New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh stated that "we love our running back room, I'll leave it at that", which would seem to indicate that with Breece Hall, Michael Carter and Zonovan Knight, the team have little interest in the former Cowboys star.

While he's no longer an every down back, Elliott could no doubt play a role in the NFL, even for a very good playoff team, but right now, it appears he's going to need plenty of patience if he's to find his next team in free agency. 

Photo Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports