NFL Draft Profile: Bryce Young

As the NFL's annual free agency frenzy comes to a close, it's time for teams to look forward to the year's best and last chance to improve their rosters: the NFL Draft. As April 27th approaches, we'll look at the prospects most likely to transform a franchise's fortunes.

The Player: Bryce Young, Quarterback

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young's success and production are second to none in the NFL Draft. The 2021 Heisman Trophy winner compiled 8356 passing yards and 80 touchdowns to only 12 interceptions in his last two seasons with the Crimson Tide. He also led his team to a College Football Championship appearance in his first season as a starter with the team. 

The Tools:

Young played in a pro-style scheme with Alabama that has produced multiple NFL starters in recent years, including Jalent Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa, and Mac Jones. He has demonstrated poise in the pocket, an adequate arm, an ability to make reads, and the leadership qualities necessary to lead an NFL franchise. Unfortunately, he lacks many of the traits that made his predecessors successes. He doesn't have Hurts' or Tagovailoa's ability as a runner, and at 5'10 and 204 lbs, he falls well short of Jones' prototypical build.

The Verdict:

Young presents an intriguing conundrum for NFL evaluators. Success at his stature in the NFL is all but unprecedented. Similarly diminutive quarterbacks Kyler Murray (5'10", 207 lbs) and Russell Wilson (5'11, 204 lbs) have found success in the pros, but they sport mobility in their games that Young does not. Drew Brees is a better analogue for his skillset, but even the famously undersized New Orleans Saints legend had a significantly sturdier frame (6'0, 213 lbs). Young's achievements make him a worthy first-round pick, but until he proves he can endure the rigors of an NFL starting quarterback,  fans must hold their breath with every collision he encounters.   

Photo Credit: © Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports