NFL Rumors: New York Jets Want To Keep Veteran Wide Receiver In 2023

The New York Jets have been the talk of the NFL world this season with the potentially impending trade for four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, and given some of the moves they've made, it's becoming clear that New York may once again become a destination for big time free agents.

Over the past few years, they've managed to pick up a few solid free agents already, with one being wide receiver Corey Davis, who seems to be on the out this off-season, but on Monday, Head Coach Robert Saleh claimed that's not quite the case.

When asked, Saleh said he would like Davis to remain on the Jets, and while his 536 yards and 2 Touchdowns in 2022 won't cut it again, the potential addition of Rodgers could take his game to the next level, so it makes sense if this is the case. 

Photo Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports